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Across the country, teachers and school leaders are working to improve the way they give and receive feedback about what helps students learn.

Measures of Effective Teaching Project News

Read past news reports on the Measures of Effective Teaching project and on other efforts across the country to improve evaluation and feedback systems in the teaching profession.

October 19, 2012
Should Students “Grade Teachers”?
Fall 2012
Capturing the Dimensions of Effective Teaching
August 12, 2012
Christian Science Monitor: Back to school: How to measure a good teacher
July 11, 2012
Education Week: Next Up in Teacher Evaluations: Student Surveys
July 11, 2012
US News and World Report: Student Feedback May Be Underutilized in High Schools
June 25, 2012
The Wall Street Journal: Should Student Test Scores Be Used to Evaluate Teachers?
April 25, 2012
Education Week: Studies Test for Ways to Spot Good Teachers
March 23, 2012
CNBC: On Education: The Making of Better Classrooms
January 30, 2012
Harvard Gazette: Measuring effective teaching
January 29, 2012
Los Angeles Times: Pushing past mediocrity in the classroom
January 7, 2012
Los Angeles Times: Updated teacher observations key to improvement, report says
January 6, 2012
The Associated Press: Study: Once-a-year teacher evaluations not enough
January 6, 2012
Education Week: Popular Frameworks Found to Identify Effective Teachers (subscription needed)
January 6, 2012
Huffington Post: Gates Foundation Report on Measuring Teacher Effectiveness Sugegsts Three-Pronged Approach
October 27, 2011 500 UFTers study 'bigger picture' of evaluation
December 3, 2010
New York Times: Teacher Evaluations May Get a Video Assist
December 3, 2010
New York Times: Video Eye Aimed at Teachers in 7 School Systems
October 12, 2010
Dallas Morning News: Evaluating teacher effectiveness is evolving
May 10, 2010
The Commercial Appeal: Teachers star in researcher's video: Foundation to use footage to decipher what works, and doesn't, in classroom
May 3, 2010
Tampa Tribune: Schools record teachers in class to find best methods
April 9, 2010
Denver Post: Cameras eye teacher, class: DPS using Gates Foundation grant to find a better way to evaluate instructors
September 27, 2009
Charlotte Observer: Gates Foundation invests in CMS; we should too: West Charlotte High just one example of fruits of funding
November 20, 2009
Denver Post: DPS wins Gates Foundation grant for teaching study
“By identifying what methods work well in a classroom, we have the potential to improve outcomes for many more of our students.”
- Joel I. Klein,
Former Chancellor,
New York City Department of Education