Welcome to the MET Project's Teacher Portal

Thank you for your interest in the MET Project.

The Project's Goals

Teachers are the most important factor inside a school in ensuring that students receive an education that prepares them for success in the 21st century economy. Dramatically improving education means ensuring that every student has an effective teacher in every classroom, every school year.

While there is growing consensus that effective teaching is the key to large-scale reform, there is no agreement among education stakeholders about the way in which effective teaching should be identified and measured. Current measures of teaching generally rely on student assessments as the exclusive proxy for effectiveness. They rarely take into account the full range of what teachers do, or the context in which they teach.

The MET project takes a new approach. It looks to the real work of real teachers in real classrooms and seeks to develop an array of measures that, together, serve as an accurate indicator of a teacher's impact on student achievement.

We need you

We are recruiting 3,000 teachers from a number of school districts around the nation to participate in this groundbreaking project. Participation is completely voluntary. Should you agree to participate, you and your students will be involved in a variety of data collection activities, including the videotaping of four classroom lessons each year, teacher surveys, student surveys, and supplemental student assessments. Learn more in the Project FAQ.

The project has been designed to place only minimal burden on participating teachers and their schools.

We estimate that participating teachers will spend no more than twelve (12) additional hours on project activities over the course of a school year.

Project activities also will have limited impact on student instructional time. The research team estimates that elementary students in participating teachers' classrooms will spend no more than three (3) additional hours per year on project activities, and high school students will spend no more than five (5) additional hours per year on project activities, including all assessment and survey activities.

Both schools and participating teachers will receive $1,500 in honoraria.

Applying to Participate in the MET Project

We hope that you will consider participating in the MET Project. We will not be accepting teacher applications or consent forms until principals within each of the districts have had the opportunity to nominate both their schools and the individual teachers within their schools for participation in the project. You will receive an email letting you know if you have been so nominated. The email will provide you with the appropriate Teacher Key and all other information you will need to consent to and enroll in the project.

“Educators know all too well that one-dimensional indicators such as test scores can't begin to capture the complexities of effective teaching and learning. This study promises to look at the bigger picture, and we view it as an important opportunity to be proactive about our profession.”
- Michael Mulgrew,
United Federation of Teachers